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Contract Claims, Business Fraud & Cyber Intrusions

Cut right to the chase in dealing with construction contract dispute matters.  We have extensive experience in case preparation, mediation and resolution services for contract disputes.  Protect your company with business fraud and crime prevention consultations from Lake Forensic Advisors, LLC. We help you reduce the risk of fraud for your organization through informative consultations emphasizing preventive services through fraud assessments & internal control examinations. Our forensic accountants are the best at taking a common sense approach to minimizing business risks.  When the need for a complete accounting of financial matters is required, our forensic accountants provide exceptional fraud detection and investigation services.  

Advancing technologies open the door to risks of data breach & cyber intrusions.  Our team of highly experienced cyber sleuths bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when dealing with computer forensics, eDiscovery and mobile device security issues.  Mobile devices make accessing information convenient and present opportunities for outside intrusions.  We can set up effective security measures to reduce the risks of data loss to outsiders.  

We all need to have a business continuity plan.  What will you do when a catastrophic event takes place?  When a data breach occurs, what will you do?  It may be a natural disaster, loss of electricity for an extended period, even water damage from a storm or roof leak.  Our team is highly experienced in business continuity planning.

Businessman and Businesswoman - Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention, Detection & Investigation

Let our team of Certified Fraud Examiners and investigators address concerns & issues you have with fraud prevention, detection & investigation.  We are fact finders experienced in following the money trail.  Our job is to verify where the money came from, what was done with it and where it went.  Our reports are ready for use in litigation support matters, and we are expert witnesses available to provide the level of professional support when outside verification is needed.  Our expertise covers matters in the following industry specialties:

   •  Major Corporations
   •  Law Firms
   •  Healthcare
   •  Financial Institutions
   •  Construction
   •  Real Estate
   •  Nonprofits 
   •  Government

Digital Security 

From computer forensics to e-discovery with mobile devices and cell phones, we provide a variety of services to reduce your risk of financial loss. Learn more about computer forensics, e-discovery, and mobile device security.

Smart phone security - check out Neal Custer's recent article.

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